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How to start WordPad?

We have couples of options to start WordPad.  In this section we see two options.

  •         Click on start
  •        Go to all programmers
  •        Accessories
  •        WordPad

Our second option to start WordPad is simple

  •        Click on start
  •        Go to Run
  •        WordPad

Basic Short cut keys

Alt + F                         File menu options in the current program.
Alt  +  E                       Edits options in the current program.
F1                                 Universal help (for any sort of program).
Ctrl + A                       Selects all text.
Ctrl + X                       Cuts the selected item.
Ctrl + Del                    Cut selected item.
Ctrl + C                       Copy the selected item.
Ctrl + V                       Paste the selected item.
Home                           Takes the user to the beginning of the current line.
Ctrl + Home                Go to the beginning of the document.
End                               Go to the end of the current line.
Ctrl + End                    Go to the end of a document.
Shift + Home                Highlight from current position to beginning of the line.
Shift + End                   Highlight from current position to end of the line.
Ctrl + (Left arrow)        Move one word to the left at a time.
Ctrl + (Right arrow)     Move one word to the right at a time.

If you want to increase the font size
( Ctrl + shift + greater then key )

Or if you want decrease the font size
( Ctrl + shift + less then key )


Finding a word

  • Write a matter
  • Click on edit
  • Give  find word
  • Click  on find next

Replacing  a word

  • Click on edit
  • Give a replace word
  • Click on replace all


Change date & time

  • Click on insert
  • Date & time
  • Select any date & any time.


  • Click on insert
  • Object
  • Bitmap image
  • Draw any one image
  • Click on outside.

(Here we completed our WordPad chapter)

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